Warsaw Chopin Airport puts Poland on the Airport Carbon Accreditation map

June 10, 2024

We are delighted to announce that Warsaw Chopin Airport in Poland, has joined the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme at Level 1 Mapping. This marks Warsaw Chopin as the first Polish airport to take this significant step towards comprehensive carbon management.

Operated by Polish Airports’ State Enterprise, Warsaw Chopin Airport has achieved this level through conducting a meticulous analysis of CO2 emissions across its operations and establishing a plan aimed at reducing them.

Warsaw Chopin Airport has implemented several notable initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. These include investing in a modern photovoltaic system to harness solar power, furthering the use of clean, renewable energy sources. Additionally, the airport has adopted various energy-saving solutions, such as replacing conventional lighting with energy-efficient LED lights and optimising the operation of HVAC systems. Warsaw Chopin Airport is also gradually upgrading its vehicle fleet and equipment, while incentivising carriers to use modern and quieter aircraft.

Furthermore, the airport collaborates exclusively with authorised waste management companies that meet all the quality and environmental standards. This ensures that waste management technologies employed at the airport are both effective and environmentally friendly.

Find out more about the environmental policy of Polish Airports’ State Enterprise here