Three more Swedavia airports are now aligned with the objectives of the Paris Agreement

February 27, 2024

We are delighted to confirm that Stockholm Bromma, Luleå, and Umeå Airports in Sweden have met all the necessary requirements to upgrade to Level 4+ Transition of the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme.

In order to achieve this level, the three airports operated by Swedavia shifted their carbon management to focus on absolute emissions reductions, through the establishment of an absolute emissions reduction target including all Scope 1 and 2 emissions. The airports needed to develop a Carbon Management Plan to deliver on that target, in full alignment with the objectives of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 2°C degree, and ideally remain below 1.5°C. Additionally, to compensate for any remaining Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions, they are using internationally recognised offsets.

All Swedavia airports have been operating fossil-free since 2020. Initiatives that have contributed to achieving this target include the use of energy from renewable sources, the rejuvenation of its vehicle fleet, and the replacement of old equipment with electric alternatives. With an eye to the future and in order to further minimise their environmental impact of the sector, Swedavia is developing infrastructure for electric aircraft, installing solar panels at the airports and in surrounding areas, as well as undertaking efforts aimed at reducing atmospheric pollutants and noise.

Swedavia remains committed to climate action by supporting and motivating airport business partners and third parties at the airport site to reduce their carbon emissions. At Level 4+, this cooperation gains a new level of intensity, with accredited airports required to establish a Stakeholder Partnership Plan demonstrating that the they are actively driving third parties at the airport towards delivering emissions reductions themselves.

The importance of collaboration with third parties was also highlighted by Lena Wennberg, Head of Sustainable Development at Swedavia. She said, “Our determined work is producing results and through a focused collaboration with hundreds of different stakeholders, we will further accelerate the necessary climate work through dialogue and joint efforts. Guiding our partners in the transition is just as important as developing our infrastructure, it is a responsibility we, as an airport operator, need to take as we are determined to be at the forefront of new innovations and drive the industry towards a fossil-free future.”

Swedavia’s continued progression to the highest levels of carbon management maturity within the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme has been remarkable. All of its ten airports are engaged in the higher tiers of the programme, with Göteborg Landvetter and Malmö being among the ten frontrunner airports globally that have reached Level 5, the topmost level of the Airport Carbon Accreditation.

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