Rarotonga International Airport joins Airport Carbon Accreditation at Level 1 Mapping

June 6, 2024

We are delighted to confirm that Rarotonga International Airport in the Cook Islands, has met all the necessary requirements to enter the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme at Level 1 Mapping.

By joining at Level 1, Rarotonga International Airport has committed to developing a detailed analysis of its CO2 emissions and establishing well-structured plans to reduce them.

Operated by the Airport Authority of Cook Islands, Rarotonga International Airport serves as the main gateway between the Cook Islands and the world. As a small island state, the Cook Islands are at the forefront of battling climate change, adding even greater significance to Rarotonga Airport’s climate efforts. The airport has already implemented several initiatives and is planning additional measures to further reduce its CO2 emissions. These initiatives include the installation of – International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) approved – solar lights on the runway, which have been operating on a trial basis for the past five months, and the introduction of hybrid air conditioning units. One hybrid air conditioning unit has already been purchased and will soon be trialled. If the trial proves successful and emissions are reduced, all existing air conditioning units will be replaced.

Solar panels have also been installed at the airport as part of a collaborative effort between the Airport Authority of Cook Islands and their local utility company. This partnership showcases a shared commitment to decarbonisation and sustainable development.

In the long term, Rarotonga International Airport plans to install more solar panels on the airport site and reduce fuel consumption by introducing electric vehicles.

Find out more about the environmental policy of Rarotonga International Airport here.