Palmerston North Airport soars to new heights with Level 4 Transformation

December 18, 2023

Great news from New Zealand as Palmerston North Airport has met all the requirements to upgrade to Level 4 Transformation in Airport Carbon Accreditation.

Achieving Level 4 means that Palmerston North Airport is now fully aligned with global climate goals with its carbon management following one of the carbon reduction pathways outlined by the IPCCC. At Level 4, the airport has also put in place an effective partnership with third parties with the aim to reduce emissions from Scope 3.

Beyond this, Palmerston North Airport is implementing a series of initiatives aiming to reduce carbon emissions, boosting energy efficiency, and embracing eco-friendly practices across its operations. Key actions include shifting to carbon-neutral electricity for the terminal and operations, transitioning to electric and hybrid vehicles, and replacing old gas equipment with more eco-friendly LPG or electric alternatives.

Palmerston North Airport has recorded an 84% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions and has achieved a 69% reduction in waste sent to landfill. These outstanding achievements highlight Palmerston North Airport’s strong commitment to sustainability and its pioneering role in minimising aviation’s environmental impact.

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