Oslo and Kristiansand airports have successfully renewed their accreditations

September 22, 2023

The two AVINOR airports in Norway have met all the necessary requirements to renew their accreditations.

Oslo Airport successfully renewed its Level 3+ Neutrality accreditation. It is consistently reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions per passenger and it has proactively engaged other airport stakeholders in collective efforts to further decrease its overall greenhouse gas footprint. Additionally, the airport has invested in climate quotas to offset any remaining emissions, showcasing a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

Kristiansand Airport has successfully fulfilled all the prerequisites to renew its Level 1 Mapping accreditation. This accomplishment is a result of thorough analysis and assessment of CO2 emissions, followed by the development of a comprehensive plan aimed at effectively reducing these emissions. It highlights the airport’s dedication to a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach in its operations.

You can find more about AVINOR’s environmental goals HERE