Nadi International Airport in Fiji achieves Level 3 of Airport Carbon Accreditation

March 17, 2020

The main international airport serving Fiji Islands, Nadi International Airport has been hard at work to achieve airport-wide CO2 reductions for 3 years now. The airport’s continuous efforts to reduce its carbon emissions have been rewarded with an upgrade to level 3 ‘Optimisation’ within Airport Carbon Accreditation.

Fiji Airports Chief Executive Officer, Mr Faiz Khan said attaining Level 3 Airport Carbon Accreditation is yet another milestone accomplishment for Nadi International Airport.

“This is yet another milestone achievement for Fiji Airports. For a small airport in the Pacific, we are committed to protecting our environment and delivering upon that commitment. It is always a bonus to get internationally recognised for it. Fiji Airports is continually taking proactive measures to reduce our carbon emissions through energy efficient lighting, use of natural light, use of alternative energy, replanting of mangroves and trees, being smart about our energy usage based on traffic levels, and efficiently operating our equipment to reduce energy consumption. At the same time we collaborate and work with our aviation stakeholders for a shared focus towards our environment,” Khan said.

“Over the last three (3) years we have gone from being a Level 1 accredited airport to now achieving Level 3 global recognition for Airport Carbon Accreditation. In the process we have become the first airport in the South Pacific to receive Level 3 ‘Optimisation’ Airport Carbon Accreditation. This places Nadi International Airport alongside some of the biggest airports in the world like Changi, Dubai and Hong Kong. Our goal is to work towards achieving Level 3+ ‘Neutrality’ in the future. We will continue to challenge ourselves as a responsible corporate entity,” Khan added.

“The Airport Carbon Accreditation programme is the industry standard for airport carbon management certification. We applaud Fiji Airport’s progress and dedication to address carbon emission reduction and environmental sustainability as a whole. We hope more airports will follow Fiji Airports’ industry-leading actions to achieve carbon neutral status for the airport industry,” said Stefano Baronci, Director General of ACI Asia-Pacific

“Fiji is famous worldwide for its natural beauty and its ecosystem is as attractive as it is fragile. This important accomplishment is evidence of the airport’s contribution to preserve it,” Mr Baronci added. 

Nadi International Airport received its Level 1 ‘Mapping’ of Airport Carbon Accreditation in 2017. Last year, Nadi International Airport received two environment accomplishments, the Green Airports Recognition and the Level 2 ‘Reduction’ of Airport Carbon Accreditation.