Milestone in North America: 70+ airports hold Airport Carbon Accreditation

March 26, 2024

Earlier in October, ACI North America achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 70 accredited airports in their region. For many years, airports in the United States and Canada have undertaken crucial sustainability initiatives to protect both the environment and their local communities. ACI North America joined the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme ten years ago, in 2014, and today the region boasts 75 accredited airports, with 29 of them pursuing advanced carbon management strategies at Level 3 or higher. The region has also 7 airports who have embraced the Paris Agreement objectives at Levels 4/4+.

Upon reaching the milestone of over 70 airports, Kevin M. Burke, President of ACI North America, stated, “I applaud all these North American airports that have joined the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme to reduce their carbon footprint. I look forward to further growth in the programme as these airports lead our industry on a path towards continued success in innovation and sustainability.”

You can read the Press Release here