Maastricht Aachen Airport is joining the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme

December 1, 2022

Maastricht Aachen Airport has achieved the Level 2 ‘Reduction’ accreditation from the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme. 

Maastricht Aachen Airport is actively committed to reducing its CO2 emissions. In recent years, the airport replaced overall lighting with LED, started generating green energy and electrified some of its equipment such as the power generators (ground power units), a baggage conveyor and luggage trolley tractors.

Roel Ubaghs, manager Sustainability & Innovation: “This accreditation is a great recognition for the first steps we have taken as an airport. But we still have a long way to go. In the coming years, for example, we will electrify more vehicles and equipment, switch completely to green energy sources and minimise our consumption of natural gas. The goal is to reduce our emissions to the absolute minimum. We will compensate for the remaining emissions, resulting in a net zero. To this end, we as an airport have drawn up a policy equipped with a plan on how we will actually realise this ‘net-zero’ ground operation.”

Bastiaan de Bruijne, ACI EUROPE General Counsel said: “I commend Maastricht Aachen Airport for their double achievement: entering the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme and becoming directly accredited at its second level. The ‘Reduction’ level is all about kick-starting real-life emissions reductions from within the airport’s direct control and testifies to the airport’s advanced carbon management strategy. I look forward to witnessing Maastricht Aachen Airport’s journey towards ridding its operations of carbon as part of the programme.

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