Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport renews its Level 3+ certificate

July 3, 2018


Aéroports de Lyon maintains its significant level of control over Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport’s environmental impact while it continues to develop and strengthen its activity. After obtaining its certification in May 2017, Lyon Saint Exupéry managed to secure the renewal for the year 2018 , within the global standard for the management of greenhouse gas emissions.

In order to develop sustainability, for the past ten years, Aéroports de Lyon has produced drastic energy savings. Since 2007, its electricity consumption has stabilised in spite of growth in terms of the number of passengers welcomed (+ 40% 2007/2017) and also in terms of infrastructure, with the new 70 000m² Terminal 1,  which covers twice the initial surface area of the airport.

These savings are associated with other actions such as the construction of the 100% HQE Terminal 1,  as well as the implementation of an Inter-Company Travel Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Aside from containing the environmental impact of its own activities, Aéroports de Lyon is in the process of training other companies on the Lyon-Saint Exupéry platform how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is one of the conditions to obtain the ultimate certification.

These efforts are reflected in the results obtained, with an average 9% decrease of CO2 emissions from 2012 to 2016 (equivalent to  6879 tonnes of CO2) with just 6236 tonnes of CO2 emitted. These emissions are fully offset by the support of projects implemented by GERES, which are aimed at spreading low-carbon solutions that truly improve the living conditions of local populations. These include projects such as bioclimatic solutions for housing in Afghanistan and the deployment of improved cooking stoves in Cambodia.

All of these actions allowed Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport in 2018 to maintain the carbon neutrality of its activities as well as the renewal of its Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 3+ certificate. They form part of the AirPact environmental policy, initiated in 2016 by VINCI Airports, the manager of Aéroports de Lyon together with with Caisse des Dépôts and Crédit Agricole Assurances.

For Tanguy Bertolus, Chairman of the Management Board of Aéroports de Lyon: “This certification is remarkable because, out of the 133 European airports in the programme, only 33, such as Lyon, have reached the maximum level of certification; a global standard for the management of greenhouse gas emissions from airports. Aéroports de Lyon would like to thank the VINCI Airports AirPact programme, an Aéroports de Lyon concession holder since 2016. Actions are already underway on the four pillars of AIRPACT for the next two years, and are as follows:

–          the reintegration of the ISO 14001 standard in 2019

–          obtaining the Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 1 for Lyon-Bron airport from 2020 and maintaining the Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 3+ certification for Lyon Saint-Exupéry

–          a 20% reduction in energy intensity between 2013 and 2020 by committing to the ISO 50001 (Energy Management System) approach

–          the formalisation of the Biodiversity strategy based on the results of our global fauna-flora diagnosis in order to reconcile security and biodiversity.”