London Gatwick obtains Level 4+ Transition

October 25, 2023

London Gatwick has advanced from Level 3+ Neutrality to achieve Level 4+ Transition of the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme. This upgrade showcases Gatwick’s sustained focus on carbon reduction, building upon its carbon-neutral status within the programme since 2017.

A cornerstone of this achievement is the implementation of the Stakeholder Partnership Plan. Gatwick drives climate initiatives across its operational ecosystem, motivating third parties within the airport to significantly reduce emissions. For instance, in 2021 Gatwick partnered with easyJet, Q8 Aviation, and Neste, demonstrating that its existing fuel system is equipped to handle A1 jet fuel blended with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Gatwick has set an ambitious goal of attaining net-zero for Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 2030. This target is shared by all VINCI Airports in the European Union, as confirmed by their participation in the ACI EUROPE Net Zero Resolution. Notably, this commitment is 20 years ahead of the timelines set by global climate agreements like the Paris Agreement, highlighting Gatwick’s and VINCI group’s leadership in climate action.

To achieve these goals, Gatwick is planning to invest more than £250 million into crucial carbon reduction initiatives. These initiatives include transitioning to an electric vehicle fleet and replacing conventional gas boilers and refrigerants with more eco-friendly alternatives.

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