Istanbul Airport moves up two levels of Airport Carbon Accreditation

June 3, 2022

iGA Istanbul Airport has achieved a great success by raising their Airport Carbon Accreditation level to to Level 3 ‘Optimisation’ all the way from Level 1 ‘Mapping’.  
In line with the stringent requirements of Level 3 certification, the airport has included its scope 3 emissions from the entire airport ecosystem in its carbon management activities.

In order to reduce carbon emissions at İGA Istanbul Airport, remote monitoring and control using IoT (Internet of Things) Technology, monitoring of energy consumption using energy efficiency analysis system software, management of energy from one centre, mechanical automation system applications, and efficient winter cooling practices, actions were taken to reduce carbon emissions, and stakeholder management activities and training programs, and awareness-raising programs have been carried out for all airport employees.

Aiming to reduce carbon emissions, İGA Istanbul Airport continues to meet the requirements of ISO 14064:2018 Greenhouse Gas Calculation and Verification Management System Standard and Airport Carbon Accreditation in order to calculate and report greenhouse gas emissions. İGA Istanbul Airport plans to implement ISO 14064:2018 Greenhouse Gases and Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 4 ‘Transformation’ certifications in the next two years.

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