How to choose the best offset credits for your airport

March 18, 2019

 The answer to this question is within reach as Airport Carbon Accreditation launches the new comprehensive compendium for carbon offsetting at airports: the Offsetting Guidance Document.  

Within the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme, when airports apply for Level 3+ Neutrality, they are required to compensate for unavoidable, remaining residual CO2 emissions under their direct control. In order to reach this level, airports need to balance out their scope 1 and 2 residual emissions, as well as Scope 3 airport staff business travel emissions that cannot be reduced by other means. The purchase of carbon offsets is the key way to do this.

In order to better understand the complexity of carbon markets, ACI EUROPE commissioned a study on offsetting for airports, assigned to the environmental consultancy Ecofys in 2017 and completed in 2018. The study included the identification of the key offsetting quality criteria and the assessment of offset programmes and projects against them. Based on this assessment, a proposed list of eligible offset programmes was established and offset project types were attributed different degrees of confidence in their compliance with the quality criteria. The Airport Carbon Accreditation Task Force and Advisory Board reviewed the study and agreed on the new Offsetting Guidance Document.

In the first edition of this compendium, readers will become accustomed with the most important terms in the world of offsets, get a detailed picture of the quality criteria that offsets need to meet and the new offsetting requirements and recommendations to abide by those airports who plan to reach Level 3+ Neutrality or are renewing their accreditation at this level. This new guidance will contribute to ensuring that the programme evolves in line with the latest international developments, maintains its credibility, and maximizes its effectiveness.

The Offsetting Guidance Document is available publicly. You can download your copy here