Four regional airports in Finland achieve Level 5 of Airport Carbon Accreditation

June 18, 2024

Four regional airports in Finland operated by Finavia—Ivalo, Kittilä, Kuusamo, and Rovaniemi—have achieved Level 5, the topmost level of Airport Carbon Accreditation. This milestone positions Finavia among the global pioneers in carbon management, increasing the total number of Level 5 accredited airports worldwide to 14.

Finavia has significantly advanced its decarbonisation efforts, targeting carbon emissions primarily from electricity use, terminal heating, emergency power generation, and vehicle energy consumption. Since 2018, the electricity used for lighting has been emission-free, and the airports’ vehicles have been fuelled with diesel made from waste and residues. In 2023, Finavia transitioned to using renewable motor fuel oil in heavy airport equipment, such as fire engines, at these four airports. Additionally, renewable energy now heats the terminals, including district heating based on biofuels. Ground handling operations utilise electric vehicles or renewable energy exclusively. These measures have minimised carbon emissions, achieving net-zero emissions at the four airports in Northern Finland.

Olivier Jankovec, ACI EUROPE Director General said: “With their achievement of Level 5, Finland’s Ivalo, Kittilä, Kuusamo and Rovaniemi airports are positioned at the forefront of our industry’s transformation to net zero. They have achieved a net zero balance for emissions under their control – which is a tremendous achievement in and of itself – and are now aiming at the next frontier: reducing emissions from third parties linked to airport activities, including flights. It is heartening to see that it is Europe’s regional airports that serve as a testbed and a launching pad for the future of net zero air transport. Finland has reasons to be proud!”

Mikko Viinikainen, Finavia’s Senior Manager of Sustainability and Environment, shared insights into the efforts behind this accomplishment: “By exclusively transitioning to the use of renewable energy, we have reduced our carbon emissions by 98 percent at Ivalo, Kittilä, Kuusamo, and Rovaniemi airports over the past ten years. Our operations at all 20 of Finavia’s airports have been carbon neutral since 2019. Now, we have achieved net-zero levels at four airports, which we are proud of. Finavia is a pioneer in sustainable development in the air transport industry, and we have consistently reduced the carbon emissions of our operations. Our goal is for our operations at all airports to reach net-zero levels by the end of 2025.”

This accomplishment not only highlights the dedication and hard work of the Finavia team but also sets a benchmark for other airports worldwide. As Finavia continues to push the boundaries of sustainability in air transport, we look forward to seeing more airports join the ranks of Level 5 accreditation, driving the industry toward complete decarbonisation.