First Level 4 accredited airport in Latin America & the Caribbean: El Dorado International Airport advances to pole position

March 26, 2024

In Latin America’s first, El Dorado International Airport serving Colombia’s capital city Bogotá attained Level 4 Transformation, becoming the first airport on the continent to fully align with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. Here we take a closer look at the airport’s carbon management strategy and best practices.

Since joining the programme in 2017, El Dorado International Airport has developed a wide range of environmentally-minded initiatives with co-benefits, coupling enhancing operational sustainability with positive contributions to the surrounding community and ecosystem. El Dorado is investing in renewable energy sources and has installed over 11,000 solar panels within its premises. Additionally, the transition to LED technology has resulted in substantial energy savings, with an impressive 11.7% reduction in electricity consumption.  El Dorado is aligned with the IPCC’s 1.5°C pathway, aiming to reach Net Zero by 2050.

Beyond its operational boundaries, El Dorado has extended its environmental commitment to the communities it serves. The airport has installed solar panel systems in two schools located in its vicinity, bringing out the importance of renewable energy to younger generations and fostering a culture of sustainability. Furthermore, El Dorado’s robust waste management strategy, which successfully diverts nearly 80% of the waste generated at the terminal from landfill, encompasses the three Rs of reduction, recycling and reuse.