Farewells and new beginnings in the Airport Carbon Accreditation Advisory Board

November 26, 2018

It is time to bid farewell to Professor Callum Thomas from the Manchester Metropolitan University, who has decided to step down from the Airport Carbon Accreditation Advisory Board, having participated in it from its very beginning. He has followed the development of the programme over the span of the last (almost) 10 years and had a hand in its success through the invaluable input that he brought to the Advisory Board. As he retires, we invited him to share his perspective with us in a unique interview, that you can read here

His seat will be taken up by his long-time co-worker and a senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University – Christopher Paling. His expertise is in airport management of greenhouse gas emissions and the impact of a changing climate. In addition to his research and advisory roles, Chris teaches environmental science and sustainability on undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and guest lectures at other universities, with a focus on aviation. He is also lead tutor on the three environmental courses offered by ACI World. Upon joining the Airport Carbon Accreditation Advisory Board he commented:

I have been an advocate of Airport Carbon Accreditation since its inception. I worked for an airport operator in the programme’s early years and led accreditation to level 3. I returned to academia in 2012, where my research is currently focused on airport carbon emissions accounting and management. It is a privilege to take over from my colleague Professor Callum Thomas. I look forward to my new role on the Advisory Board and playing my part in the development and continued success of Airport Carbon Accreditation. The challenge of climate change has never been greater and our response never more important.