Europe’s airports throw their weight behind emissions reduction

July 11, 2018

At this year’s ACI EUROPE & World Annual General Assembly in Brussels, the European region of ACI has released the latest information concerning the collective climate action by airports in their region. 


During a special Airport Carbon Accreditation ceremony, dedicated to airports who recently became carbon neutral within the programme, it was announced that 4 more airports in the region upgraded to Level 3+ Neutrality. Brussels, London Stansted, Rome Ciampino and Treviso Airports were recognized with carbon neutral status, thanks to their extensive work to mitigate their carbon footprint. 

Brussels Airport having joined the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme in 2010, it has invested significantly across the range of its emissions sources and implemented a comprehensive sustainability strategy – gradually ascending the levels of the programme to become carbon neutral today.

London Stansted joined the other two airports owned by Manchester Airports Group, Manchester and East Midlands, in becoming carbon neutral, making it the first carbon neutral airport group in the United Kingdom. 

Rome Ciampino is the second airport operated by Aeroporti di Roma to become CO2 neutral. Ciampino joined its sibling, Rome Fiumicino Airport, who has been carbon neutral since Year 6 of the programme.

Treviso Airport also received its Level 3+ Neutrality certificate. The Italian regional airport has a carbon neutral sibling as well. Venice Airport operated by SAVE S.p.A. has been at the highest level of Airport Carbon Accreditation since 2014.

The European airport industry last year committed to have 100 carbon neutral airports by 2030. These latest additions bring the list of carbon neutral airports in Europe to 34.


In the past reporting year (May 2017 – May 2018), the 133 accredited airports in Europe succeeded at collectively reducing the CO2 emissions under their direct control by 163,277 tonnes compared to their average emissions of the three previous years. That’s equivalent to the CO2 emitted by the production & shipping of more than 385 million avocados to your table. Now that’s a massive heap! This reduction figure amounts to a 7.6% overall emissions reduction achieved by Europe’s airports at all levels of accreditation. Click here to watch our animation visualizing these numbers. 

The Global reduction as well as reductions achieved by airports in other regions in the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme will be announced at the Global Sustainable Aviation Summit in Geneva on 2 & 3 October 2018.

For all the latest key figures, including details of the accredited airports in each region, their action and the difference the programme is making, check out the interactive maps, case studies & programme results on