Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport aligns its carbon management with the Paris Agreement at Level 4 of Airport Carbon Accreditation

June 5, 2024

We are delighted to confirm that Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport in Tunisia, has met all the requirements to upgrade to Level 4 Transformation in the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme.

Operated by TAV Airports Holding, Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport is now fully aligned with global climate goals, focusing on absolute emissions reductions and strengthening stakeholder engagement to lower Scope 3 emissions.

Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport made history in 2013 as the first African airport to be accredited in Airport Carbon Accreditation and has continuously led the way in carbon management ever since. The airport has conducted a thorough assessment of its carbon footprint, covering direct and indirect emissions across all scopes (Scope 1, 2, and 3). It has set ambitious but realistic carbon reduction targets aligned with scientific recommendations and industry best practices. To achieve these targets, Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport has implemented energy-saving measures, such as upgrading to a 4MWh trigeneration power plant. This plant enables the airport to meet its cooling needs free of charge, supply its electricity requirements, and provide excess power to the national grid. Additionally, plans are in place to invest in a 2MWh renewable power plant by 2026/2027.

The airport encourages the use of low-emission transportation options for ground handling services and employees, including shuttle transport. It also engages and educates employees on carbon reduction goals, promotes sustainable behaviours in the workplace, and recognises contributions to emissions reduction efforts.

To offset unavoidable emissions, Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport invests in carbon offset projects, compensating for 7,000 tons of CO2 through renewable energy projects. Continuous monitoring and reporting systems are in place to track progress towards carbon reduction goals, identify areas for improvement, and ensure transparency and accountability.

Finally, Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport actively engages with stakeholders, including investors, passengers, and local communities, to promote decarbonisation and communicate its commitment to carbon reduction.

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