El Dorado International is the first airport in Latin America to achieve Level 4 of Airport Carbon Accreditation!

September 12, 2023

El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, Colombia has achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first airport in Latin America to reach Level 4 – Transformation in the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme!

Since joining the program in 2017, El Dorado has consistently pursued an extensive sustainability strategy. They’ve meticulously reduced emissions through climate-conscious projects, robust planning, and proactive management.

The airport’s initiatives include substantial investments in renewable energy sources, the adoption of cutting-edge energy-efficient technologies, waste minimisation efforts, and active participation in community projects aimed at offsetting carbon emissions.

These initiatives have produced tangible results. Over the last few years, El Dorado Airport has installed and utilised more than 11,000 solar panels to generate energy for its operations. The adoption of energy-efficient LED technology has significantly improved lighting efficiency, resulting in an impressive 11.7% reduction in electrical energy consumption. Beyond the airport’s boundaries, solar panel systems have been installed in nearby schools, benefiting local communities.

Furthermore, the airport has demonstrated its commitment to responsible waste management, with nearly 80% of its generated waste being repurposed for productive use.

This milestone is a source of immense pride for El Dorado International Airport and serves as a catalyst for its ongoing journey toward a more sustainable future in aviation.

Find out more details on El Dorado’s sustainability initiatives HERE.