Christchurch Airport in New Zealand becomes world’s first airport to achieve Level 4 Transformation

November 24, 2020

Christchurch Airport in New Zealand has taken a major step forward in its commitment to fight against climate change, becoming the first airport in the Asia-Pacific region and in the world to reach Level 4 Transformation of Airport Carbon Accreditation. This high achievement is evidence of the airport’s continued efforts to align its carbon management strategy with the global climate goals. It also follows ACI’s recent announcement of the introduction of two further levels of accreditation in its global Airport Carbon Accreditation programme (Level 4 Transformation and Level 4+ Transition) to mark the industry’s ongoing commitment to ‘Build Back Better’.

Christchurch Airport, which was previously accredited at Level 2 Reduction of Airport Carbon Accreditation, has successfully upgraded to Level 4 Transformation, one of the highest levels of accreditation, by taking swift and concrete actions to transform its operations to achieve CO2 emissions reduction in alignment with the Paris Agreement (global warming limited to below 2°C and ideally 1.5°C). To attain this accreditation, Christchurch Airport has also addressed broader emissions in its carbon footprint that include all the significant operational sources on- and off-site. Furthermore, the airport has demonstrated evidence of actively engaging and leading its stakeholders towards delivering emissions reductions.

Speaking of this achievement, Malcolm Johns, CEO Christchurch Airport, commented: ‘’Achieving Level 4 Transformation of Airport Carbon Accreditation is a giant leap for our airport community. We are very proud to be the first airport in New Zealand and in the world to reach this accreditation. As regional airport, we set a good example for our regional peers and for the airport industry as a whole. We show that small is big when you are bold enough to set the bar higher on climate actions and to deliver on ambitious environmental goals. We will continue to work diligently to build a more sustainable aviation in strong cooperation with our business partners.’’

Stefano Baronci, Director General ACI Asia-Pacific, said: ‘’We are thrilled to see Christchurch Airport becoming the first airport in the Asia-Pacific region and in the world accredited at Level 4 Transformation of Airport Carbon Accreditation. This achievement demonstrates the airport’s firm commitment to invest in a more sustainable future for aviation and for the region it serves. Without a doubt, it is a remarkable milestone at a time of unprecedented challenges for aviation. For airports, it is essential to recover from COVID-19 in a more agile and sustainable way and Christchurch Airport is clearly leading the way in working towards decarbonisation. We hope other airports in the region will follow Christchurch Airport’s leadership.’’

Olivier Jankovec, Director General ACI EUROPE commented: ‘’Today’s announcement that Christchurch Airport has reached Level 4 Transformation of Airport Carbon Accreditation underlines the airport’s strenuous efforts to decarbonise and to take its climate goals to the next level. We congratulate the airport on its achievement and on its firm steps towards creating a more sustainable journey. This recognition is also a clear signal that, despite the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, airports of all sizes and in various world regions are strengthening their commitment to build back better, to operate in a more sustainable way and to protect their local communities from climate change.’’