Case study

Office National Des Aéroports (Onda): Casablanca Mohammed V & Marrakech Menara International Airports

Level 1


Why did your airport group decide to become accredited at Level 1?

ONDA, as an airport management company and as an air navigation services provider, decided to become accredited at level 1 as a first step to become familiar with the Airport Carbon Accreditation requirements from the development of the carbon footprint to carbon neutrality. Once this goal is achieved, we plan will go through all the different processes until carbon neutrality. We chose to become accredited to also comply with the environmental policies of our country that establish as strategic priority environment protection and the use of renewable sources, such as solar.

What challenges or special conditions did you face while going through the accreditation process as an airport group?

During the process of accreditation, it became evident that data collection requires the involvement of all responsible parties. Furthermore, the methods used to calculate emissions may be different depending on the source of emissions, types of fuel, and other parameters.

What benefits does accreditation bring to your airport group?

ONDA is committed to voluntarily manage its CO2 emissions as part of the global efforts for greenhouse gas management. Thus, we have set up an environmental management system (EMS) to reduce and control the impact of our activities on the environment. Accreditation is consistent with our strategy and brings several benefits to our airports, such as carbon emissions management, environmental assessment for air traffic management operational changes, promotion of best practices, and awareness and efficiency improvements. Furthermore, as accreditation is consistent with ISO 14064 and ISO 50001, it will improve standardization and specialization.

What would you recommend to other airports that are developing their carbon footprint?

In order to facilitate calculating the carbon footprint, we recommend:

  • An effective data recording system (e.g., based on ISO 14001).
  • Recording of emissions calculation methods by specific source.
  • Utilisation of technological means for automatic data calculation.

What are your future carbon management plans for the airport group?

ONDA intends to expand accreditation to other airports, such as Rabat, Fez and Agadir, and eventually reach higher accreditation levels.

ACI Region Africa
Passengers Casablanca 8,616,981
Cargo (tonnes) Casablanca 63,762
ACI Region Africa
Passengers Marrakech 3,895,647
Cargo (tonnes) Marrakech 450