Budapest Airport – the sole airport on top of Climate Action in their region

January 16, 2019

Budapest Airport is still the only carbon neutral airport in Central and Eastern Europe! We are delighted to confirm that the airport has secured a renewal of their Level 3+ Neutrality certificate within Airport Carbon Accreditation, as one of the 40 airports in Europe, run by a carbon neutral operator. 

Budapest Airport received the carbon neutral accreditation for 2019 as well, primarily due to a series of energy-saving measures. Among other things, the company achieved that electric vehicles are used in more and more areas also by other companies operating at the airport, enhanced the heat insulation of several hangars and other buildings, and optimized its water network and water consumption. In addition, Budapest Airport also purchased so-called carbon credits produced by a Chinese wind power station project, thereby contributing to the international struggle against climate change.  Learn more here