Brussels Airport partners strengthen environmental cooperation through EUROCONTROL’s Collaborative Environmental Management

November 21, 2018

We are here to assure you that airports that reach the highest level of Airport Carbon Accreditation, do not rest on their laurels! On the contrary, they continue to seek out ways to improve their environmental performance. The recent developments at Brussels Airport (which first joined the programme in 2010 and achieved carbon neutral status in June this year), confirm just that! 

Based on EUROCONTROL’s Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM) specifications, Belgocontrol and Brussels Airport Company have signed a cooperation agreement with Brussels Airlines, TUI Fly and DHL Express, on undertaking joint initiatives that further reduce the environmental impact of aviation activities. By signing this document, the five partners formalise their long-standing cooperation on environmental issues. By joining forces and aligning all environmental efforts, the partners aim to accelerate projects and achieve more in the fields of carbon and noise reduction as well as local air quality. That is why, specialists from the various companies and organisations will meet at regular intervals to launch joint research and environmentally-friendly initiatives. 

The ‘collaborative environmental management’ concept (CEM) was developed over a number of years by EUROCONTROL with the close involvement of ACI EUROPE and other industry stakeholders. It was launched jointly by both organisations at the 9th ACI Airport Exchange in Paris on 4 November 2014 and adopted by ACI EUROPE as Recommended Practice in October 2014. The concept outlines a working arrangement for operational stakeholders to devise common solutions to environmental challenges at and around airports. To find out what is ‘collaborative environmental management’ watch this video from EUROCONTROL. The specifications of CEM have recently been updated and gathered in a new document (link to download).