Belo Horizonte becomes the highest accredited airport in Brazil

December 5, 2023

We are delighted to announce that Belo Horizonte International Airport has met all the requirements to upgrade to Level 3+ Neutrality of Airport Carbon Accreditation, proudly becoming the first airport in Brazil to reach this level.

Belo Horizonte International Airport began its carbon management journey within the programme in 2018 and quickly progressed to Level 2 in 2019. The upgrade to Level 3+ highlights the airport’s dedication to effective carbon reduction, rigorous environmental monitoring, and implementation of credible carbon offsets.

Recently, the airport invested in an innovative environmental project, focusing on supplying boarding bridges and air conditioning for aircraft during ground services with electrical energy from renewable sources. This initiative has significantly reduced carbon emissions. Additionally, the airport is investing in partnerships that facilitate and enhance the electric mobility within its ecosystem, further contributing to its sustainability efforts.

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