Athens International Airport Achieves Highest Level of Airport Carbon Accreditation

September 14, 2023

We are delighted to announce that Athens International Airport (AIA) in Greece has attained the highest level of Airport Carbon Accreditation.

Athens International Airport has met all the requirements to reach Level 4+ Transition and is now fully committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions, aligning with the goals established by the Paris Agreement.

AIA is on track to become the first airport operator to fulfill 100% of its electricity requirements through self-generation from renewable sources. Since March 2023, AIA has added a new 16 MWp photovoltaic power plant for self-consumption to complement the existing 8 MWp photovoltaic power plant, covering an impressive area of 210,000 square meters. The first-phase photovoltaic power plant alone accounts for 45% of the airport company’s electricity consumption needs, resulting in a corresponding reduction in indirect carbon dioxide emissions. The completion of the next phase by 2025 will ensure 100% self-generated electricity production for AIA, securing its power needs for the next two decades.

Furthermore, AIA is progressively transitioning a portion of its vehicle fleet to electric vehicles and exploring the use of biofuels for heavy vehicles and equipment. Additionally, it is actively exploring non-carbon dioxide-emitting heating alternatives to replace natural gas for heating and hot water production for daily use.

In addition to its significant role as an economic growth catalyst, AIA is making remarkable strides in reducing its ecological footprint while actively seeking environmental partnerships with all stakeholders within the airport community.

Find more details about AIA’s sustainability initiatives HERE.