Airport Carbon Accreditation marks its 10th anniversary in Hong Kong

April 3, 2019

All is set to start celebrating the first decade of the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme! The 10th anniversary was marked for the first time today at the ACI World Annual General Assembly (WAGA) in Hong Kong, hosted by Hong Kong International Airport. 

Earlier today, at this gathering of more than 800 aviation industry leaders, Angela Gittens, Director General of ACI World, pushed the button kicking off what will be a series of anniversary moments this year. In a speech addressing the assembly, she recounted the 10 years of the programme’s progress that led to its current, fully global span. The continuous growth the programme has experienced shows the commitment and value airports put on mitigating their impact on the climate. There is still a lot to do, but one thing you can count on is that the programme will continue to put carbon management to the core of the airport business for decades to come.

There are now 264 accredited airports worldwide, welcoming 43% of global air passenger traffic, spanning across 71 countries, including carbon neutral airports in every single region of the world. Their common goal is to address their carbon emissions, a daunting task that calls for a collaborative approach, provided to them through the framework of Airport Carbon Accreditation.  

This year’s ACI WAGA has gathered a notable number of climate-smart airports from the Asia-Pacific region. The representation of 19 airports out of the total 54 accredited airports in the region joined the stage today to receive their well-deserved Airport Carbon Accredited certificates. Watch the ceremony here.

And this is only the beginning… As is fitting for a truly global programme, we will mark the 10th anniversary in various different regions of the world over the course of the year. Watch this space! 

When we started this journey in 2009, we didn’t know how many airports would embrace the concept of voluntary carbon emissions reduction on an annual basis. In the first year, there were 17 airports accredited. With 264 airports currently accredited worldwide, the momentum has been extraordinary. There is still more to do – and we are regularly looking how the programme can be improved.  Thank you to all the airports, verifiers and the wider AirportCO2 community for their continuing engagement and support for the programme.