What is it?

Mobility is a basic human need – but it goes hand in hand with energy consumption and all of its consequences. In today’s globalised world, the theme of mobility surrounds us and air travel is more prevalent than ever before. Airports bring undeniable benefits to society - connecting places, people and products with a range unmatched by any other mode of transport.

However, as the visible face of air transport on the ground, they also need to work to improve aviation’s reputation in relation to environmental efficiency & carbon reduction. Following years of working individually to address their local environmental impact, airports are now working in a collective way. Airport Carbon Accreditation is empowering their efforts to make further strides in managing, reducing and ultimately neutralising their carbon footprint.

The challenge was at the core of a landmark resolution on Climate Change adopted by ACI EUROPE’s member airports in June 2008, in which they committed to reduce their carbon emissions with the ultimate goal of becoming carbon neutral.

One year on, in June 2009, we launched Airport Carbon Accreditation.