7 levels of accreditation

Level 1: Mapping

At Level 1 ‘Mapping’ of Airport Carbon Accreditation, airports are required to measure and inventorise their carbon footprint.

How to achieve it?

To achieve this level of accreditation, an airport has to:

  • Determine its ‘operational boundary’ and the emissions sources within that boundary which are Scope 1 and Scope 2 sources, as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • Collect data and calculate the latest annual carbon emissions for those sources
  • Compile a carbon footprint report

More information

An airport must understand how much carbon it emits every year and from which activities and operations in order to plan how to reduce these emissions. Therefore, as a first step, an airport needs to measure its carbon emissions, also known as its carbon footprint. An airport can measure its footprint itself, assisted by the Application Manual or get support from one of a number of specialist companies. Airports can also use ACERT, the Airport Carbon and Emissions Reporting Tool provided by ACI World free of charge to its members. It can be downloaded here.