Aalborg Airport joins Airport Carbon Accreditation directly at Level 2 ‘Reduction’

December 15, 2021

Aalborg Airport has met all the necessary requirements to join Airport Carbon Accreditation straight off at Level 2. With the second level being reserved to airport operators that are already on the path of achieving tangible CO2 reductions, this achievement testifies to Aalborg Airport’s advanced level of carbon management maturity.

Olivier Jankovec, ACI EUROPE Director General said : “I would like to commend Aalborg Airport for joining Airport Carbon Accreditation directly at Level 2 ‘Reduction’. This achievement recognises the ongoing efforts of the airport team to decarbonise through various CO2-reducing initiatives. By advancing electrification, switching to more energy-efficient systems and operations as well as opting for greener equipment, the airport is contributing to a more sustainable future of air transport today.”

Over many years, Aalborg Airport has successfully made changes and implementations, with the intention to lower CO2 emissions within its direct control.
Examples of concrete improvements carried out by Aalborg Airport include:

  • Switch of 50% of its handling equipment from fossil-fueled to electrified.
  • Replacement of 50% of all lights in the terminal, 10% of all lights on the apron and 80% of the lights in the airfield from Halogen to LED.
  • Implementation of an energy efficiency-system, which allows the airport to monitor and manage the spending of energy all over the airport. Notably, in periods where the airport does not handle many passengers, or if areas of the airport are not being used, then the airport is able to turn down/shut off heat, lights, air-condition etc. to ensure optimal energy-spending.

Moving further and aiming even higher, Aalborg Airport has implemented a slew of innovative projects in 2021, including:

  • Extensive energy-screening by an external advisor called NIRAS, to determine which areas of the airport can be subject to optimization of energy-performance.
    o This report by NIRAS has had Aalborg Airport replace a fuel powered aircraft stairs with an electrified aircraft stairs. An electrified aircraft stairs has a yearly CO2-emission of 182 kg, whereas a fuel powered stairs has a yearly CO2-emissions of 124.175 kg.
    o In addition to this, Aalborg Airport has made plans to change all lights on the apron within 1-2 years. This will result in an energy-reduction of op to 90%.
  • Setting in motion the expansion project of their existing electrical power stands on the parking lot with 12 more stands.
  • Active collaboration with a number of organisations, for instance Aalborg University, Shell, Steeper Energy with the intention of development and production of sustainable aviation fuel (LOWCARBFUELS.DK). Notably, in 2021 Aalborg Airport hosted a test of sustainable aviation, performed by Aalborg University.

Learn more about the airport’s work here