Month: December 2021

10 Band E airports operated by dhmi joined Airport Carbon Accreditation at Level 1 Mapping!

We are delighted to confirm that ten airports implemented by DHMI joined Airport Carbon Accreditation at Level 1 of the framework. Their accreditation comes shortly after Gaziantep and Erzurum airports, also part of the DHMI group, received their certificates. Congratulations on this excellent achievement! Learn more (in Turkish) here. Full list of newly accredited airports: Adiyaman Airport […]

Cluj Airport joins the programme at Level 1!

We are delighted to share the news that Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport joined Airport Carbon Accreditation at Level 1 ‘Mapping’. CLJ is also committed to reaching Net Zero CO2 emissions by 2050, as part of the European airport industry pledge spearheaded by ACI EUROPE. Learn more about Cluj Airport’s work here (in Romanian).

Milano Malpensa Airport obtains the highest climate accolade in global CO2 standard for airports

Milano Malpensa Airport has achieved Level 4+ ‘Transition’ of Airport Carbon Accreditation, following in the footsteps of its sister airport Milano Linate, which received this recognition earlier this year. The successful accreditation of both airports, brought about by operator SEA Group, is a continuation of the group’s long standing engagement in climate action. Both airports […]

Aalborg Airport joins Airport Carbon Accreditation directly at Level 2 ‘Reduction’

Aalborg Airport has met all the necessary requirements to join Airport Carbon Accreditation straight off at Level 2. With the second level being reserved to airport operators that are already on the path of achieving tangible CO2 reductions, this achievement testifies to Aalborg Airport’s advanced level of carbon management maturity. Olivier Jankovec, ACI EUROPE Director […]

New Zealand’s Hamilton Airport achieves Level 1 ‘Mapping’

Hamilton Airport has taken the first big step in its commitment to reducing carbon emissions with the achievement of Level 1, Mapping accreditation under the globally recognised Airport Carbon Accreditation programme. The airport has benefited from the mentorship of Christchurch Airport via the new initiative of pairing experienced airports with potential newcomers to Airport Carbon […]