Month: April 2018

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport renews its accreditation

Canada’s Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport just renewed their Airport Carbon Accreditation certificate at Level 1 Mapping for another year! To find out more about the airport’s Climate Action, have a look at the following website: We keep our fingers crossed for your continued efforts to manage your CO2 emissions!  

17 airports from Group EDEIS join the programme!

In one remarkable stride towards more sustainable air travel, 17 airports implemented by Group EDEIS joined Airport Carbon Accreditation. They were recognised for Mapping their carbon footprint. Here is the full list of airports in question: Annecy Airport Auxerre Airport Bourges Airport Castellón Airport Châlon Champforgeuil Airport Cherbourg  Maupertus Airport Dijon Bourgogne Airport Le Havre […]