13 OMA Group airports in Mexico upgrade to Level 2

January 11, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that 13 airports operated by OMA Group in Mexico, have successfully upgraded to Level 2 Reduction in the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme.

Achieving this level requires airports to evidence effective carbon management procedures, including setting clear targets and demonstrating a reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

A key part of OMA Group’s sustainability strategy has been the investment in solar power. In 2022, OMA Group reached a significant milestone by successfully installing solar panels across all of its airports, resulting in solar power fulfilling 17.8 % of the company’s total energy requirements. Coupled with its collaboration with a wind energy provider and the implementation of various energy-efficiency measures, an impressive 95% of OMA’s electricity consumption in 2022 came from clean energy sources.

Furthermore OMA Group has completed the installation of battery banks with an added storage capacity of 6.6 MWp at airports in Monterrey, Chihuahua, Ciudad Juárez, Mazatlán, Acapulco, and Culiacán. This initiative allows for a reduced consumption of grid electricity during peak hours, further enhancing their commitment to sustainable energy use.

Discover more about OMA Group’s environmental policy here

The 13 airports are:

Acapulco International Airport

Chihuahua International Airport

Ciudad Juárez International Airport

Culiacán International Airport

Durango International Airport

Mazatlán International Airport

Monterrey International Airport

Reynosa International Airport

San Luis Potosí International Airport

Tampico International Airport

Torreón International Airport

Zacatecas International Airport

Zihuatanejo International Airport