Sharjah International Airport becomes accredited at the Mapping level

22 April 2014

A special welcome to Sharjah International Airport for joining Airport Carbon Accreditation at Level 1 Mapping. Sharjah International Airport is now the second accredited airport in the United Arab Emirates – currently a total of 15 airports in Asia-Pacific are participating in the programme. Well done to all at the airport!

Dubrovnik Airport renews at level 1 Mapping

22 April 2014

Congratulations Dubrovnik Airport for renewing at level 1 Mapping of Airport Carbon Accreditation! Keep up the good work and well done to all at the airport!

Ronneby Airport renews at the Neutrality level

28 March 2014

Ronneby Airport has renewed at level 3+ Neutrality. This is an excellent achievement for the airport, proof of the team's hard work. A big well done to all!

Hamburg Airport upgrades to level 3 Optimisation

27 March 2014

Well done to all the team at Hamburg Airport for successfully upgrading to level 3 Optimisation of Airport Carbon Accreditation! Hamburg Airport is now the third German airport certified at Optimisation. Congratulations on this incredible achievement!

Incheon International Airport - first certified airport in South Korea

26 March 2014

Incheon International Airport has been certified at level 3 Optimisation of Airport Carbon Accreditation, becoming the very first certified airport in South Korea! This is an incredible achievement and reflects a huge amount of work done by all the team at the airport. Well done!